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Adjusting To and Thriving Through Change (1 hour)

As the adage goes, the only constant is change. Since this is particularly true in
today’s workplace, perhaps the most important work-related skill we can master is the
skill of adjusting to and thriving though change. At its core, change is stressful, and we
will tend to respond to that stress by engaging or disengaging in ways that can be both
helpful and hurtful. This one-hour workshop will provide a template for us to mindfully
process change in ways that are adaptive to our personal and corporate growth. This
workshop will help you understand the adaptive roles of anticipation, connection,
reflection and introspection. It will also help you understand the destructive nature of
criticism, avoidance, denial, and division. You will leave the workshop with practical
strategies to engage the specific changes that you experience in ways that will enhance
your personal and professional life.

Building Effective Community in the Workplace (1 hour)

Consider the following:
Stage One: Psuedo-community. Relationships are a half an inch deep and fake.
We act like we all get along, but we really can’t stand each other. There is no sense of
belonging here. We know it, and our clients probably know it, too.
Stage Two: Chaos. We quit pretending that we like each other, and we finally
aired our differences. The hounds of hell have been released. Everyone wants to abandon
ship: surely any other company is better than this one!
Stage Three: Brokenness. We’ve accepted that we are stuck with each other, and
we’ve proven that we’ve only hurt each other in the process of trying to change each
other. Now, we’re willing to surrender my agenda (and all other barriers to our
communication) so that we might understand each other. This is hard work, but at least
now we have hope.
Stage Four: Community. We still don’t agree on everything, but we’ve learned to
treat each other with dignity and respect. Our workplace is a relationally safe
environment. We share a sense of belonging and purpose. This is the place where
businesses reach their full potential. Everyone wants to work for this company.
Now, a question: At which stage is your company? We’ll explore the stages of
community in greater detail, and we’ll conclude with practical strategies to empower you
to lead your company to Stage Four—it is attainable.

Managing Conflict and Avoiding Power Struggles in the Workplace (1 hour)

Stressful events do not necessarily have to destroy relationships. In fact, when
handled appropriately, stressful—even traumatic events—can deepen and strengthen
relationships. In this one-hour workshop, we’ll explore the stages of escalation when
conflict arises between two individuals and the healthy leadership response at each stage.
Then, we’ll analyze the obstacles that most frequently keep us from resolving conflict in
a relationship-honoring manner. Finally, we’ll identify the self‐awareness skills that will
allow us to avoid the obstacles. Participants will leave with an actionable road map to
engage challenging relational situations without damaging relationships.

Mastering the Fine Art of Work-Life Balance (1 hour)

Are you too busy to fully engage your coworkers or clients in a way that is
relationally meaningful (let alone finding time to exercise and eat right)? Are you
relationally isolated at work and carrying emotional baggage from experiences you’ve
had on other jobs? Are you barely able to get by financially, and, in the end, wondering
why you ever decided to choose your profession or whether you want to continue in the
profession? Good news: not only is personal balance attainable, but as you nurture it,
you will find yourself maximizing your impact in your vocation. One of the most loving
things you can do for those depending on you is to love yourself well. In this three-hour
workshop, we’ll explore the meaning of emotional, occupational, financial, spiritual and
physical wellbeing. Participants will complete a 50-item Wellness Inventory that will
give them an empirical snapshot of their current state of wellbeing: physically,
emotionally, occupationally, financially, and spiritually. They will leave with practical
strategies to increase wellbeing in each area.

Overcoming Differences in the Workplace (1 hour)

Since we live and work in a society that is growing increasingly diverse, the
effective professional will master the skill of embracing differences to access multiple
strengths and intelligences. Sounds great in theory, but in practice, there’s one small
catch: we have literally millions of years of evolution working against us, telling us our
primary need is not to be integrated with those who are unlike us, but to be safe in what is
familiar and predictable. This one-hour workshop explores the neuroscience of
difference to reveal both the conscious and subconscious personal barriers to inclusion—
those psychological mechanism that ever so subtly keep us from trusting, reaching out,
and building community with those who are unlike us. Participants will leave with
practical strategies to recognize how their own biases might be limiting their capacity to
effectively engage their colleagues and with practical strategies to mindfully engage and
harness the power of difference in the workplace.

Relationships That Work (1 hour)

Most of us already know that healthy relationships are essential for a business to
thrive. The question is: how? How do I build life-impacting relationships with my coworkers
and my clients? There is a framework—the practice of four essential skills that
will posture and position any professional to a place of relational readiness. This one hour
workshop covers the four essential skills: 1) Reflecting (on why I am here); 2)
Directing (the fuel of my emotion); 3) Connecting (building relational bridges across
differences) and 4) Protecting (my mind, my heart, and my body from toxic, hurtful
people). Participants will take a 60-item personality inventory that will offer them an
empirical assessment of their interactive style and subsequent strategies to improve
relational effectiveness across personal and professional relationships.

Time Management for Success (1 hour)

The professional who is not experiencing occupational wellbeing invests a
substantial portion of each day’s life energy—weekends included—into an endeavor that
will offer in return only the theft of leisure time and relational isolation. If I am that
professional, it will only be a matter of time before I develop deep resentment for my job.
Are you that professional? If so, your hope lies in the reality that you have power to
create and maintain high output at work in order to minimize the work that needs to be
done away from the office.
Effective time management is a skill that is critical to master to get the most out
of your workday. In this one-hour workshop, participants will develop a deeper
understanding of the profound difference between tasks that are urgent and tasks that are
important. They will leave with a rubric to allow them to categorize the demands on their
resources into one of the two areas. They will also leave with a practical plan to allocate
their daily resources according to the urgent and important tasks they face each day.


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